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Excel:  Excel is a wonderful tool with many advantages. It is also very easy to ‘see’ your data when working with it in Excel. Along with multiple advantages several areas of concern should be considered. Care should always be taken when sorting data in Excel. If you don’t "select all" of the data in the spreadsheet your data can get scrambled! Also, you should be aware that Excel, by default, treats all cells as numbers so if you enter zip code 01101 into your spreadsheet without formatting the cell as text you will be left with 1101.
CSV (Comma Separated Values): This is one of the easiest formats to receive data in. This format takes the contents of each field, or cell, surrounds it with a set of quotation marks and places a comma between each piece of data.
Fixed Length: A fixed length file, some times referred to as an ASCII file, formats your data into columns. When this format is submitted it is imperative that a file structure be sent along with it. The file structure will tell us where each piece of data begins and ends.


The postage cost for your mailing depends upon a number of factors. The size and weight of your piece and the total quantity of the mailing are the main factors. There are also several United States Postal Service (USPS) service levels that can be utilized.
First Class:  This USPS service level affords the quickest delivery time and is the most expensive. First class mail can be entered with live stamps, a meter imprint or indicia – provided there are at least 200 pieces in the mailing. One of the biggest benefits of first class mail is that you will receive back pieces that do not have a deliverable address at any additional cost. This can be a great tool for ‘cleaning up’ your mailing list.
First Class Presort:  This service level affords the benefits of first class mail but at a slightly reduced rate. Prior to their entry into the mail stream the pieces are sorted to finest level possible and this is why the USPS allows a discount. However, before the presorted first class discount can be claimed file must be NCOA, National Change of Address, processed. Pre-cancelled stamps or indicia may be used to affix postage to this class of mail. Additionally, there must be a minimum of 500 pieces for this rate to be used.
Presort Standard– “Bulk”:  Standard mail is the most cost effective. This rate of postage has the longest delivery time. There is a 200 piece minimum and the mail must be sorted to qualify for this rate. A pre-cancelled stamp or indicia can be used to affix postage to standard mail pieces

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